CSSW Student Technology Requirement Acknowledgement Agreement

    To ensure a successful educational experience, we will email admitted students the form to review and acknowledge the technology requirements for student learning and engagement in an online environment before the start of the term.

    I understand that choosing to complete my Master of Science in Social Work degree at Columbia School of Social Work involves technology requirements that I am responsible for meeting, and meeting the technology requirements will put me in a good position to succeed in my role as a student learner, peer/colleague, and student leader.

    The basic requirements to participate in online courses include the following:
    ● computer
    ● webcam
    ● headset with microphone
    ● Internet connection

    Please read each statement below, you will be expected to acknowledge the following basic requirements.

    (1) Computer – I understand that, based on the online platform requirements, students are required to use a desktop or laptop computer to participate in online classes.

    Note: Tablets, Chromebooks, Kindles, smartphones, and other devices do not offer the full functionality needed for the CSSW program. For detailed computer configuration recommendations, please see the Student Resources page.

    (2) Webcam – I understand that webcams are required to participate in online classes.

    Note: Webcams are typically a standard integrated feature with most laptops. If your computer/laptop does not have a webcam, webcams can be purchased separately from numerous vendors.

    (3) Headset with microphone – I understand that the optimum set-up includes the use of a headset with a microphone that plugs into my computer (wireless headsets may not work consistently).

    Note: A wired headset with microphone will maximize the quality of the audio connection for use in online courses by reducing echos and ambient noise.

    (4) Internet connection – I understand that my computer needs to be able to connect to the Internet at a reliable speed to participate in online classes.

    Note: The most reliable Internet connection is through a hard-wired (Ethernet) cable from the modem directly to my computer (for example). Wi-Fi Internet connection may be adequate, but is not as reliable as a hard-wired connection.

    A high-speed Internet connection can be obtained via cable modem or fiber optic broadband; dial-up Internet will not work with the technology required for online coursework, and digital subscriber line (DSL) or satellite may or may not work, so they are not recommended. Depending on the high-speed Internet service provider, time of day and other factors, the minimum high-speed Internet package may not be adequate.

    For suggestions and tips for optimizing your Internet connection, please see "Getting the most out of your Internet connection" on the Student Resources page.

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